Corrective Nutrition is a program with three goals:

  1. To show you what it means to eat whole foods and maintain a healthy diet
  2. To heal your body from the inside out and give you resources to thrive
  3. To appreciate and love yourself and the foods that give you energy

To reach these goals, we teach under the model of eating whole, real, and fresh foods to enhance the body’s natural functioning. We believe in plenty of healthy fats, loads of leafy greens, sufficient clean protein sources, and a sprinkle of sweet fruit. Our bodies are made of living organisms and therefore need to be energized by living things, such as the avocados that grow from the trees or the spinach that sprouts from the ground. When we consume these natural foods, we soak up their energies, and every aspect of our bodies are rebooted and reenergized. Foods cleanse, and they heal; they revitalize, and they restore. Proper nutrition is fundamental to living a healthy, proactive, and successful life, and we are here to help you lead this kind of lifestyle. We are excited to walk with you on this journey of discovering the power of colorful and nutrient-dense foods. Once you start to experience their healing effects, you will never go back- trust us!

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