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We’ve been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Atlanta community since 2009.

Corrective Chiropractic, formally Cohen Chiropractic Centre, was started in the Buckhead/Midtown area because Atlanta chiropractor  Dr. Austin Cohen fell in love with the charm and the healthy feel of the community. “I sat in front of my shopping center and counted lots of runners going by, families walking their kids, and people who were living life proactively.” I knew this was the place to build my chiropractic practice.


The chiropractic practice with a community feel

The vision for our practice has always been for the feel to be energetic and full of life. From the color tones to the curves in the wall, the open ceiling, and hardwood floors we want to create an atmosphere unique to your typical medical office. Further, this open floor plan gives us space to conduct various workshops and seminars that are open to clients and community members.

Atlanta GA Chiropractor shares his mission statement

Dr. Austin Cohen explains, “My purpose is to lead, empower, and inspire my community to lead a proactive life through the principles of chiropractic.” A couple of these principles include:

  • 1) Law of Cause and Effect – We want people to understand that for every problem, whether it is health, financial, or relationship related, there is also a cause. If they just treat the effects, the cause will get bigger and create worse effects.
  • 2) 100% Innate Intelligence – Inside of us lies the best pharmacy and greatest healing powers to live our greatest life ever. Unfortunately, as stress increases in our society and people continue to become sicker and sicker, it is crucial to understand how to maximize innate intelligence and have it work toward our advantage.

Services offered at Corrective Chiropractic

We provide numerous services at our office including:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Corrective Traction Exercises
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Digital X-rays
  • Digital Stress Scan and Muscle Scan

A unique chiropractic office

The uniqueness of our practice resides within Dr. Cohen’s passion for helping people and wanting them to express 100% of their true potential. There is no other doctor in this area who has the passion, vision, and desire to create a massive impact in the community. There are constant workshops in the office related to health, such as Whole Foods shopping tours once a month; three detoxes each year; corrective exercises for people who spend much of the day sitting in front of a computer; and much more to help people live their healthiest lives. Dr. Cohen says the most common responses he hears from new people in the office is, “I wish I would have come here sooner.”

Our friendly staff also adds to the uniqueness of our chiropractic practice. They work with Dr. Cohen to help keep the center’s members proactive and committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Click to read what’s special about each of our team members.

We hope our mission aligns with the lifestyle you desire to live. Please contact our office today to begin leading your proactive life.